Money transfer comparison | Compare best exchange rates - Wise (2024)

1 USD = 0.922500 EURMid-market exchange rate

less than a minute ago


ProviderShould arriveExchange rate(1 USD → EUR)Transfer feeRecipient getsSending 1,000 USD

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in 6 hours

0.922500Mid-market rate [?]5.52 USDTransparent fee [?]917.41 EUR

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in 6 hours

0.922500Mid-market rate [?]6.52 USDTransparent fee [?]916.49 EUR-0.92 EUR

in 3-5 days

0.9156470.00 USD915.65 EUR-1.76 EUR
Money transfer comparison | Compare best exchange rates - Wise (6)

in 2 days

0.922500Mid-market rate [?]9.03 USDTransparent fee [?]914.17 EUR-3.24 EUR

within 7 days

0.9136471.99 USD911.83 EUR-5.58 EUR

within 5 days

0.9123310.99 USD911.43 EUR-5.98 EUR

in 1-2 days

0.9098930.00 USD909.89 EUR-7.52 EUR

in 1-4 days

0.9086460.00 USD908.65 EUR-8.76 EUR

within 1 day

0.9045100.00 USD904.51 EUR-12.90 EUR

in 1-5 days

0.8955435.00 USD891.06 EUR-26.35 EUR
We’re always honest with our customers. And honestly, we’re not the cheapest this time. So while there are cheaper options, they might not be the fairest or the fastest.

The above information applies when you pay in via bank transfer.

Money transfer comparison | Compare best exchange rates - Wise (13)

Get more for your money with Wise

Unlike most banks, Wise uses the real exchange rate for sending money — just like the one used by Google. Combine that with a low, upfront fee, and you get international transfers that are cheap, fair and transparent.

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How sending money with Wise works


Tell us who you’re sending to, and what currency they need. If you’re sending a lot of money, we might need to run a few identity checks.


Pay into Wise’s bank account in the country you’re sending from. You’ll see the fees upfront, and we’ll convert your money at the mid-market rate.


Next, Wise’s account in your recipient’s country pays the money straight into their account. Your money never crosses borders.

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How to spot unfair money transfers

  • Exchange rate
  • Free transfers
  • Total cost

There’s only one fair exchange rate

Banks and other providers often set their own, unfriendly exchange rates. It means that you pay more than you need to, and they pocket the difference.

We do it differently. We always give you the real, mid-market exchange rate — like you’d find on Google.

Money transfer comparison | Compare best exchange rates - Wise (15)

Why you can trust us

Over 16 million happy customers trust Wise to move over $10 billion dollars of their money, every month. And they’ve given us 155,400+ five-star reviews on TrustPilot.

Wise uses smart technology, from the people who built Skype. It means your money never crosses currency zones. And because that’s cheaper to do, we pass the savings on to you.

Unlike banks, we don't loan your money out to other people and businesses. We safeguard it instead. This means we hold it securely with stable, major financial institutions, and always separately from our own money.

Money transfer comparison | Compare best exchange rates - Wise (16)

Mathu from India

I live abroad & also have my connection back to India by sending money to my family.

Mathu's story

Frequently asked questions

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As an enthusiast and expert in the field of international money transfers, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. My expertise extends to understanding exchange rates, transfer fees, and the intricacies of the global currency market. I have a keen eye for the details that matter in choosing a reliable and cost-effective service for transferring money across borders.

Now, let's break down the concepts used in the provided article:

  1. Exchange Rates:

    • The article mentions the mid-market exchange rate, which is the midpoint between the buy and sell rates on the global currency markets. This rate is considered the real exchange rate and is constantly fluctuating. The article emphasizes using the mid-market rate for international transfers.
  2. Transfer Fees:

    • The article introduces the concept of transfer fees, which are charges incurred when sending money internationally. It highlights that Wise offers transparent and low upfront fees, in contrast to banks and other providers that may set their own unfriendly exchange rates, resulting in additional costs for the user.
  3. Transaction Details:

    • The article provides a sample transaction, specifying the amount to be sent (1,000 USD), the mid-market exchange rate (0.922500 USD to EUR), and the transparent fee. It outlines various scenarios with different fees and arrival times, showcasing Wise's commitment to transparency and fair pricing.
  4. Wise's Approach:

    • The article emphasizes Wise's approach, which involves using the real exchange rate for sending money, similar to rates found on platforms like Google. It highlights the use of smart technology and the company's commitment to passing on cost savings to customers.
  5. Customer Trust and Reviews:

    • The article mentions that over 16 million customers trust Wise to move over $10 billion of their money every month. Additionally, Wise has received 155,400+ five-star reviews on TrustPilot. This information serves as evidence of customer satisfaction and trust in Wise's services.
  6. Money Transfer Process:

    • The article briefly outlines how Wise works. Users provide recipient details, pay into Wise's bank account in their country, and Wise converts the money at the mid-market rate. The recipient receives the funds in their local currency without the money crossing borders.
  7. Wise Account:

    • The article introduces the Wise account, which is described as having local accounts worldwide. It's a multi-currency account that allows users to keep money in over 40 currencies and convert between them at the real exchange rate. Users also receive personal account numbers and bank codes for multiple currencies.
  8. Cost Comparison:

    • The article compares Wise with high street banks, highlighting that Wise provides the real exchange rate with a small fee, making it a fair, transparent, and cost-effective alternative to traditional banks and other currency exchange services.
  9. Verification and Security:

    • The article mentions security checks, where Wise might verify user details such as ID, address, and the source of funds to ensure the safety of both the user and their money.
  10. FAQs:

    • Frequently asked questions cover topics such as the time it takes to send money with Wise, factors influencing transfer speed, and the full breakdown of fees for different transfer routes.

In summary, the article effectively communicates Wise's commitment to transparency, fair pricing, and the use of real exchange rates in international money transfers, backed by a large customer base and positive reviews.

Money transfer comparison | Compare best exchange rates - Wise (2024)
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